BI's and Tri's amd shoulder question!!

  1. BI's and Tri's amd shoulder question!!

    im 5'11 and i weigh arms are a little bit longer than normal i think, i can almost touch my knee's standing straight question is, does anyone have any info on how i can get my arms and shoulders more size along with more cut...i can go with just size for now then cut later, but id like to have my arms looking right...i played football in college for a few years and got up to about 175 eating and lifting but never really got the guns any that im not playing anymore im not so worried about overall strength, just looking good, and to me arms do it all...if anyone could help i would appreciate it, some kind of training info or anything...keep in mind i will be starting a cycle of Methyl 1-d, liquid masertdrol, and using muscle milk for arms currently are right at 14" but i would really like to put some inches on and have my shoulders right....

  2. its better to pick one. you can either bulk to put more muscle in your shoulders/arms, or cut to get definition. doing both at the same time is difficult.

  3. alright than give me an idea for bulk...i woudl really appreciate it

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