Is there a name for this exercise?

  1. Is there a name for this exercise?

    1) start in a DL position

    2) Lift like a deadlift

    3) After the BB clears the knees proceed into a Bent Row

    4) Return weight to the ground

    5) Reset and repeat.

    For me this exercise allows me to perform bent rows in a stricter fashion and with really great form. Usually BB bent rows put a strain on my lower back because it hasnt recovered fully from my other workouts.

    So far I've done them twice. First time I was just messing around in a gym I've never been in before and went pretty heavy. Next day I could really feel my lats which were kind of sore but felt good because its really hard for me to get my lats sore. I did these again today with light weight and did them in a fast, controlled fashion like a power exercise. These worked really well for me too and my form was awesome and I could feel my lats working in the later sets.

    So is there a name for this exercise?

  2. Not that I'm aware of, but if I'm reading your post right, that's just a bent over row from the ground?

    Usually, I just get the bar on the ground, get in the bent over rape stance, DL the weight to the correct position little bit above knees and start rowing.

    I don't workout in a gym so I dunno if people usually do it from a rack or something, but that just sounds like a bentover row from the ground...

  3. yea thats what it is. When I do it the traditional way like you mentioned my form is horrible and my lower back gets strained under the constant tension. Either my upper body starts moving a lot on subsequent reps or I can't get the bar in the groove right.

    I just can't seem to stay in good form now that I'm lifting a lot more weight but this variation works really well for me so I was just wondering if there was a proper name for it.

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