Building muscle !

  1. Building muscle !

    I am 37 years old I have been fat all my life. On May 29th 2003 I joined Weight Wathers I was 337.6 lb. I am now 209.8 lb. I started going to a gym in june. I have lost some muscle along wiyh my wight. I need help building muscle. can any one help ?
    Thank you.
    2 fat
    My bf% is 19%
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  2. Great progress. Need more info, like current bf%. I wouldn't suggest trying to build muscle if your bf% is on the high side. You may want to try changing your diet and getting away from the Weight Watchers, while the scale says you have lost weight, a lot of muscle was sacrificed.

  3. I suggest that if you are struggling that you contact someone such as Iron Addict who sponsors this forum to personally work with you.

  4. yes , get to around 10 % bf , it might sound hard , but with proper guidance , u'll reach there quite soon , and u will look very impressive at that bf man , then think of building muscle , u can do so at that time without worry of eating too much and getting fat from it .

  5. i agree with whats been said...been down this road before and its alot better to try and shed bf then build your muscle...just works better that way imo...

  6. Congratulations on your progress. You are obviusly focused motivated to have gone so far. Keep your current level of enthuisiasm and you well excell with the weights.

    While the weight watchers type diet can work extremely well for fat loss, be it's very design, it is also very catabolic. When attempting to lose the last of your excess bodyfat, switch to a keto, or timed carb diet (timed carb is better then keto IMO).

    Iron Addict

  7. definately agree with Iron Addict.

    a guy i work with was well over 150 kg, 42 y.o, been fat & miserable all his life and tried EVERY diet pill & diet fad there is.

    i suggested the Atkins Diet to him in August and now he's around 115 kg

    if you're a big eater then the low carb/keto/atkins type diet are the very best thing.

    i've seen too much proof to believe anything else.


  8. I agree go low carb. I had a hard loosing weight until I did atkins. Now looking back on it I wish I would have done a CKD instead. Just to keep more muscle. Also keep up the good work!


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