So, a friend of mine came over today and we were talking about lifting. He's pretty cut up and told me about turbulence training that he does. I explained i wanted to try and build strength, but most importantly lose body fat, which is why i diet at a deficit. Once he explained to me how it worked, it really got me curious, but i don't know if i should do it. He explained a lot of movie people do it as well. (who knows)

Anyway, i should him my current routine and he told me to make it into a turbulence training routine. Here it is...

You would perform each one of these one after the other with no rest. After completing the list, you rest for about 2mins and do the whole thing over again. You do a total of 3 sets. He does 15min HIIT cardio after his workout, but says i can stick to doing it on my off days. (Along with abs if i choose) What do you guys think about this? It seems logical to me, because i don't think i would be too tired to move on to the next exercise, since it's a different body part. Also, it makes sense that you would be burning more fat, because your keeping your heart rate up...Does this make sense?


Bench Press
Pull ups
Tricep Dip


Incline db Bench
BB Rows
Calf work


Dumbbell press, or military press.
Chins/rowing movement. (Back exercise)

3x8-4x6 for compound movements, if you choose to go heavy, or 3x12 for isolation movements and compound for a bit lighter. Although, It's better to do lower reps on the compound, since the idea is to gain muscle.