Back pain

  1. Back pain

    Well for a while my back has been bothering me. I used to go to physically therapy for the same pain and for my rotater culf. The pain feels like it is in the lat and trap, when I used my right arm alot my lat will start to feel like it is burning. The pain is hard to say exactly where it is coming from all I know is it is that greneral area. I heard rotater culf injuries are hard to locate where the pain is. If I sit up without any back support my back will start to kill and I will have to lye down to not be in pain. If I move my arm in a certain position my elbow will start to hurt to. For a while I have been taking advil for the pain, but it doesnt cut it. The last time I got it checked out was a couple years ago where I was sent to physical therapy and it did not help. I don't have any lose of strength in my right arm though. I am going to get it checked out this week since the injury seems to be coming back. Well I wanted to see what any of you think it could be so I could have my doctor check that area out.

  2. Try this for a while and see if it helps you..
    This link is from IntenseMuscle.Com and by the inventor of the DC training method (DoggCrapp)

    How to cure shoulder problems (Trust me this will do it 90% of the time)


    With a large towel or broomstick I want you to hold it with straight arms for the entire time of what i describe in the following movement--a large "rolled up like a rope" beach towel works good but honestly a longer broomstick (without the bristles) works best in my opinion. Start out with it with a really wide grip (with straight arms) in front of you (on your quads) and with straight arms bring it up and overhead and then down and back to the middle of your back--STRAIGHT ARMS ALL THE WAY--this is going to be very difficult and hard the first couple times out and then will be "old hat" with time----and its going to be painful in a stretching pump kind of way---i want 50 reps each time you do this--one repetition is from in front of your face (all with straight arms) to up overhead and back, and then down all the way to the middle of your back and then back up overhead to in front of your face again (again all with straight arms)--the important part of the movement is the area overhead that is really tight--do all of this carefully/slowly---dont just whip it over and back---if your hand is slipping off the broomstick even with the widest grip, or you cant bring your arms over straight and the start bending on you, you have some serious shoulder inflexibility and need to work this hard and get up to speed (or you could just need a longer broomstick too)--again do all of these revolutions controlled and carefully--push into the stretch as you go along toward the 50 revolutions, your chest will be pushing outward and your shoulders rolling back--your shoulders are going to blow up with so much blood its going to be incredibly painfull pumpwise--Do this once a day at nite as many times a week as you can---sometimes I have people do it every single day---but every time you do it try to move your grip inward (thats the key)----its going to be very hard to do but try your best to move your grip inward for the next 2-4 weeks and your range of motion with shoulders will increase dramatically and any impingement and the majority of other problems should be gone in 2 weeks--also try to move your grip in as you are doing the 50 revolutions--start off with a stretching but relatively easy 10 to warm up some, then try to move your grip in even by a centimeter if you can for the next 20 revolutions and then at 30 try to move the grip in another centimeter--really try to push what you can do stretchwise once your warmed up here--trust me this sounds easy but your going to be muttering "**** you dante" after you get to your 25th revolution--Ive cured too many shoulder problems with this simple movement now its pretty ridiculous, and this and a menthol rub applied liberally daily and before sleep has cured alot of shoulder/bicepital tendonitis in trainees ---Heres a pic attached to this post so you can get an idea (thanks to a trainee of mine who cured his shoulders with this)--but remember the broomstick goes overhead and all the way back to the middle of the back (he just drew the start of the movement when you begin)

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