Gaining muscle, but can't do as many pushups?

  1. Gaining muscle, but can't do as many pushups?

    I notice that I'm getting stronger and gaining muscle, but i also notice that i cannot do as many push ups as i used to. I can still do a lot, but not as many. Yet, i can lift more weight. I also lost weight...

    This is what i've come to realize. Low reps with heavy weight will make you stronger, but you lose stamina. (From my experience) I need to keep stamina, because I'm going to the navy. I want to be able to do about 80 push ups at any given time.

    So, would it make any sense at all to lower the weight on bench press and do 3 sets to failure? This way, my body is getting used to going for a longer amount of time, rather than fatiguing quickly, due to only lifting 8-10 reps? (Heavy)

    I could lift 100lbs or so maybe 3x30. Then, if that gets too easy bump up the weight and so on...I will only do this for pull ups and bench press. Things like deadlifts and squats should be kept at lower reps. I could also do this with biceps, but maybe not...

    What do you think, or am i just being stupid about this?

    I just personally know that i'm not doing as many push ups, yet i have increased my bench press by almost 40lbs.

  2. If you want to get better at doing pushups, why not do pushups?

    Keep training your bench press for strength and keep the pushups as an extra workout. Just try doing as many push ups as you can in a row everyday when you wake up or everyother day or whatever you see fit.
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  3. I agree with pmiller383 If you want to get better at something the best way is to do it. I don’t know what your workout looks like but if you lift chest two times a week bench heavy on one day then the other day focus more on doing as many push-ups as possible. Me and my friends play this fun game that sounds gay but it really helps. every time you say a bad word you have to do 25 push-ups it doesn’t matter if you are in a restaurant or at a movie you get down and do 25 and if you are going out to the bar or having poker that night and you know words are going to fly you can do your push-ups in advance up to 200 and if you go over that 200 then you have to get down on the bar floor and do 25. It really ads up I have improved on my pushups since we started playing this game and my language has also improved.

  4. its because you weigh more now. same goes for pull ups, dips, or any other body weight exercise.

    also, the muscles that build mass are not the same ones that focus on endurance, so mass and endurance usually do not go hand in hand.

  5. Alright, i'll keep more routine and do more push ups. I'll just do 80 or so every night before bed, or during the day or something. This way i get the best of both worlds...



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