shoulder pains

  1. shoulder pains

    I doubt this has anything to do with M1T, but I've been feeling incredible shoulder pains lately.

    I was around week 6 on M1T and had to stop using it and stop training.

    Once in a while my shoulder will bother me, but it'll go away. But a few weeks back, while dong bench presses, I had to use less weight because my left shoulder was just sore. Didn't know why, it just felt sore at the beginning of the day and increased as the day wore on.

    BUt I worked around it and finished working out that day. I normally do 4 day cycle, so I only had shoulders and traps to finish up the week. But the shoulder ached so bad.

    I was raised by a military father, a freaking marine. So the theory, NO PAIN, NO GAIN in embedded in my brain.

    But I couldn't even lift my shoulder normally without feeling enmourous pain. So I waited till later in the day, but to no avail, it was still killing me.

    So i took a few days off, hoping it would get better. But it never did, I've taken about a week off from working out and now my right shoulder is killing me. And I don't mean simple aches and pains.

    I mean i can't even lift my arms up sometimes, thats how bad it hurts. Don't understand why the other shoulder is hurting now, I haven't done any lifting in a week.

    Maybe I'll go see a doc if it still hurts, but i hate not being able to go to the gym.

  2. i'd get a doc to check it out bro. of the normal ice and rest hasnt helped, you prolly need to get it checked out. i had a very similar set of circumstances, didnt get it checked out and eventually wound up having to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff. might have been able to avoid the surgery if i had gotten it checked out early...maybe you can avoid my mistake!

  3. THANKS, hopefully it isn't anything serious, but definitely be better to have it checked out then wait till it's too late,

    thanks again and have a happy holiday season.

  4. pjam,

    what exercises hurt the most & what area (front, back, side, top) is giving you the grief?

    i've just recovered from a shoulder problem i was carrying for almost a year.

    a month ago an osteopath (also a powerlifter) diagnosed my problem as bicipital tendinitis which is an aggravated bicep tendon which ties in to the front delt, where all my pain was.

    if this sounds like your problem then let me know as the progress i've made in the last month with rehab will have be back to normal in no time.

  5. Future
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    This has some shoulder exercises for the rotator cuff.

  6. Shoulder problems suck, I feel your pain.

  7. When performing rotater cuff exercises, should they be performed before of after the rest of your shoulder routine? I've found that if I perform the rotator cuff exercises before my pressing that it cuts down on the number of reps that I can perform on the pressing exercises. Thoughts anyone?

  8. I have a big time shoulder problem right now that really ****s me up bad when it comes to working out. I had 1 cortisone shot in the other should which fixed that one up, but my left is horrible. 4 sets of upper body(including arms) and I can barely hold my blender up the sink (while biting down hard) without some of the worst pain i've ever felt. I don't know what it is, but I need to see a doc If anyone has had similar problems plz post

  9. Shoulder injuries and pain sucks. I've experienced pain in my right shoulder after a charity football game (flag football at that) where a former Pro Bowler schooled me. Needless to say, I have an everlasting memory of that F**ker. LOL. I have found that Flax oil, fish oil, MSM, and such really helps.


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