bi/forearm connection

  1. bi/forearm connection

    hey, Could somebody clarify this for me,because i'm not sure I believe it. A friend of mine said he saw in a mag, and heard a guy at his gym saying that to get big bi's you have to make your forearms bigger... is this at all true? I heard the same thing about shoulders/bi's and don't think I believe it because I have seen guys with huge bi's and forearms like my 12 year old cousin..

  2. you certainly don't *have* to keep forearm and bi size relative, no. you'll get some stimulation either way, but unless most people make a concerted effort on their forearms specifically (as they do with their bi's) same with shoulders. what you're likely thinking is that in most bi exercises (curls and the like), these two ancillary areas are stressed to varying degrees.

  3. Think of it this way. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Both heads of the bicep, and forearm flexors/extensors all cross the elbow joint. The same holds true for the other end of the chain. Bicep/ deltood and rotator cuff muscles. Finally there's your traps witch support the entire load your holding with your shoulder girdle when you perform a bicep curl. Your body is designed so that if any muscle or groups of muscles in the chain is weak or underdeveloped your brain will limit the ammount of weight you can lift to save injury. So yes, what your friend told you is true and now you know why.

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