Hitting each muscle group once per week

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    Hitting each muscle group once per week

    I just did a quick search and didn't find a discussion on this. I'm sure there's something I missed - so if you know of a large thread in regards to this, please direct me to it.

    Anyway.. I notice that I gain more strength when I train each body part once per week. My latest routine has been:

    Monday: Pushes
    Tuesday: Pulls
    Friday: Pushes and Pulls

    Throughout this latest routine, I've noticed much better strength gains from week to week when I only hit these exercises once per week (forgetting about the Friday push/pull workout).

    I also notice I'm getting new stretch marks on my biceps - which seems odd to me because I'm not on ANYTHING at the moment and I'm not exactly thin... The last supplement I took was PRIME along with Super Cissus...

    So what do you think of hitting each body part once per week? And the stretch marks.. Is that odd?

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    I hit each muscle group once a week, with the exception of course being when secondary muscles are used during lifts (i.e. involvement of biceps on back day). It gives your muscles time to recover and grow, but if you are on the juice, you can do it more than once.
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    I train each muscle group once per week Max OT style.

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    I dont really like hitting each muscle group once a week but to each is there own. I used to do a full body work out every other day but I can't do that anymore. I now have a happy medium between the two. As for the stretch marks, you don't have to be "thin" to get them. You actually have more of a chance of getting them when your not thin. Take it for what it is worth, it means your growing. Some people get them others don't, I am also prone to developing them.
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    I find that strength training needs to be split into each bodypart once every 5-7 days. higher rep hypertrophy can be accomplished training individual bodyparts every 3-4 days.

    As far as what can/can't be accomplished when on... I do not try to train anymore frequently when on, because of the fact that I am already lifting heavier weights. I still take rest days as needed for soreness, inflammation, etc. I've seen too many guys get a superman complex on gear and **** themselves up
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    Once a week for me. Most people who get stretch marks that lift weight get them from "extreme muscle growth", which is actually a good thing for us! Some people get them, some people don't.


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