what type of 4 day split?

  1. what type of 4 day split?

    what order should I do

    this is my idea

    Day #1 - Back and Biceps

    Day #2 - Chest and Abs

    Day #3 - Legs and Calves

    Day #4 - Shoulders and Triceps

    what order should i do?

  2. I like the way it is there.

  3. really? some people put chest and tri's together

  4. If you like that split then go w/ that split. I prefer a 3 way split or even DC's 2 way split w/ just straight sets.

  5. I'm a novice and been real confused by all the different methods and routines...and your split i really like. I think I'm going to implement it. The only change would be adding Forearms to Back/Bicep Day.

    Looks like a good simple routine.



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