One Rep Max Calculation?

  1. One Rep Max Calculation?

    Hey gang,

    I am typically in the gym by myself so it's tough to do a safe one rep max. Is there are "relatively" accurate way of estimating one rep max based on how many reps I can do at a safe weight.

    For example, if I can bench 225x8 what do you suppose my one rep max is?

    And if I'm out to lunch...let me know that too.



  2. hahah - google huh? Who would have guessed it.

    So do you think it's fairly accurate? Are these calcs actually based on physics?

    I'll only really use it for trending data so it's not a huge deal...just personal interest really.

    THX for the speedy response.

  3. Yup they're quite accurate as long as you busted you ass to get those 8 reps. You want to make sure you want to failure, which is why is added in the approx symbol ~

  4. awesome calculator... i am starting a new workout and needed to kno my 1RM.. thanks !
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates



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