Super Cheat curl Video

  1. Super Cheat curl Video

    Is there any point to doing this workout? Seems a little stupid but he is jacked.

    YouTube - 日本健美選手 - 木澤大祐

  2. says the video isn't available anymore
    We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.

  3. Haven't seen the video, but I hear that cheat curls can be used to your advantage, if you use them correctly. Cheat curls shouldn't be your goto biceps exercise though. In fact, I'd only use cheat curls every once in a while to try to switch things up a bit. And by cheat curls, I mean, curls with the specific idea to cheat in mind.

    I see a lot of people doing only cheat curls! Oh boy...

  4. can't see the video. heavy cheat curls are one of the two best bicep mass builders though. swaying the back makes it a compound move.

    to say it works, is entirely debatable, based on genetics and body type, and how much of your bicep you actually engage - too much body swing can make this exercise useless.

  5. i love cheating lol



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