No decline bench what do you do?

  1. No decline bench what do you do?

    Hey everyone, i was wondering and this will make my gym sound lame, but it has no machine or bench that will do decline, so all i kno of i can do is decline flyes on the situp chair thats there. so im wondering what are some exercises you can do to target the lower pec area if you dont have a bench to do decline with?? recommendations please help!

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    I work out at home as much as I can with the weights I have since I hate the douchebags at the college gym... I just put my butt on a chair. Kinda goofy but it works. Unfortunately I can't really get a leg workout or do pulldowns at home so I still have to go to the gym, but if you get creative with your equipment you can do a lot.

  3. If you can conjure up a way to do dips those would work supremely well.
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  4. You could elevate a normal bench with one of those pink/purple step up platforms that every gym seems to have. You can also do the movement standing up at a cable station and just pressing low. Finally, I saved the best for last, just do dips and lean forward a little bit. I bet you will get more benefits from dips than you would on a decline press.
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  5. Pullover targets my lower pecs

  6. does your gym have a bench where all the yuppies do cruches for an hour...almost all gyms do! is so toot over the dumbells and start pressing. dips otherwise, variations of cable flys too!

  7. Second dips - with focus on chest not tri's...i.e. lean a little more forward


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  8. ya my gym has a bench where people do the situps on and you can raise it so its harder on your abs and i did take dbs over to it the other day and got in trouble that the dbs left the area that they are set up in.
    But ok so dips leaning more forward. and standing up with cables and pushing the cables down will help 2 you say?

  9. Dips between chairs!!!
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  10. My vote is for dips.

  11. ok so more dips to hit up decline alright thanks guys, one thing i dont understand is do dips target a certain area of the pectoral or the whole pec and helps round it out??

  12. The only thing I can think of is dips as well. I have to really concentrate on my form when I'm doing dips, just because of the way my chest is shaped. I'm the kind of guy who much prefers decline bench to dips, but like you, I don't have access to a decline bench . For some reason my triceps always took most of the weight during dips, even when I'm leaned forward. That's why I usually prefer to save dips for triceps. Bench dips at the end of a triceps workout are great!

    In my situation, being without a decline bench, I just focus on other exercises. Namely, bench presses, incline presses, and flyes. Eventually I'm going to switch back to the better gym in my town that actually has a decline bench. Right now I go to a crappy gym that's free. "Free" being the key work. Haha

    Good luck with that man, I know how you feel!

  13. MUSCLE UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are soo hard, but they are great

  14. Dips and crossovers while standing almost entirely erect.
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  15. what are muscle ups anyway?
  16. 84bandit
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    for all you yuppies who dont know what muscle ups are, jk i had to go look too

    [ame=""]YouTube - Muscle Ups[/ame]

  17. How can you target "lower" pecs? The pectoral muscle is one large slab basically.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by 84bandit View Post
    for all you yuppies who dont know what muscle ups are, jk i had to go look too

    when doing it you MUST use a false grip in the begining, which is basically starting with the bottom portion of the hand oppisite the thum in kind of a curved position, and the trick is keeping your hands close to your body.

  19. a decline bench is a waste of metal.

  20. I was reading an article on chest development that had different input from several pros. Basically thay all said not to worry too much about decline benching unless your getting up on stage and the likes.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    Yeah, it might have to do something with weight displacement on the pec...instead of the weight being directly over you, nah mean?
    I understand that it displaces the weight, but other muscles would take over, there isn't a lower chest muscle.

  22. ok wow alot going on here lot of good stuff, im just trying to make the bottom of my pec more rounded when i flex from the inside dent to the outside stops about half way on the bottom of my pec and the other half from middle to outside edge towards arm has no shape or rounded to it thats what im looking for if that helps out

  23. ok wow lot of good stuff in here mainly what im trying to do is build up my lower pec and the very bottom where its rounded, from the inside of my chest about halfway to the outside is rounded than the other half has no shape what so ever so if that helps that what im trying to accomplish i kno the pec doesnt have three muscles just the bottom is my lacking area and decline used to help me when i was able to do it but now no decline so looking for the other ways on targeting it, thanks everyone

  24. Quote Originally Posted by bonscott View Post
    Dips between chairs!!!
    I saw a video of Arnold doing this once. He had some pretty durable chairs. I think I would break mine lol.


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