Reps and Sets

  1. Reps and Sets

    How many reps do you guys do in a normal set? What constitutes a funn work out? How many sets?

  2. I was doing 4 sets x 6-8 reps for years.... About 6 months ago I started doing 3 sets x 12 reps and have put on some good mass... I also was doing one muscle group 4 days a week... Now I do a full upper body 3 days a week and Legs one day a week.... I found a huge difference.

  3. Do you do supersets or do a muscle on back to back exercises? Im just trying to vary my work out some to see if i get better results with something different.

  4. Personally and individually, I'm a large advocate of super/drop sets. I also respond to higher volume (sets x reps x time under tension). And because volume is a component to hypertrophy, I feel FB routines do not apply this.

    If you're looking to change your routine, consider the following:

    1) using different exercises, different order of execution, etc.
    2) sets and reps to stimulate different forms of hypertophy (satellite/contractile proteins or myofibrillment, specially).
    3) changing rest periods accompanying #2.
    4) frequency, volume, order of muscle groups.

    hope this helps. Changing a routine isn't very hard, it's finding one that works.


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