Any powerlifters on the site??

  1. Any powerlifters on the site??

    Hi i am a powerlifter from Indiana, train westside barbell style, Own and operate (coach) my own powerlifting team and private gym in to the site been looking around reading have learned a lot form it, just sayng hello////

  2. Nice to have you here, I don't powerlift officially, but I do incorporate a lot of the powerlifting theory and mentality. I also do want to have a decent total (1200+) without any lifting gear (squat suit etc.).

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  3. I train for strength too. Whats your lifts rbbm81?

  4. Well this depends if you want my last meet results they were well over a year ago as I have been on a weight gaining misson the past 16 months or so after colon surgery, My last meet results i was in the 198's jrs in a single ply fed usapl and hit a 510sq-355bench-500dl, like i said this was 16 months ago i now weigh 268-272 pounds currently and have worked my ass off during that time to gain strength and weight i also opend my open private gym and started my own APF team, currently some of my gym lifts are 600x2 box squat only wearing a single ply suit straps downs, I will hit a 700+ pound squat this winter when i compete i promise that, i have hit a 425 bench, and pulled a crappy 555x3, my deadlift sucks as i have a terribile deadlift build and my weight gain has hinder my leverage also.....I will compete again late this winter in the APF as a 275 lb jr 22 years old, and my goals will be 700+sq- 430-450 bench this will be my first meet with a double denim, and a 570-600 dl, after this meet i have my eyes set on the IPA wolds in august as my last meet as a junior......currently I am about to begin my first prohormone stack, as i used tren,tets and d-bol anavar ect while in college preparing for meets, but since college i have got a really good job working with kids and decided against real steroids after i had to have a tumor removed from my colon (not steroid related) and have been steroid free for about 16 months or so, i just orderd yesterday m-1-t and t-4 stack form powernutrition and this will be my first legal prohormone stack and am very excited to see how it goes, I am going to run 20mgs m-1-t with 4 squirts of t-4 for 4 weeks over the holidays beforemy meet..this is how i found the site doing research......

  5. Nice lifts man, what type of single ply gear did you use? What kind of DD gear are you going to get? How do you train? How old are you?

  6. the single gear i used was a metal v-type squat suit this really allowed me to get wide and break parrellel without getting called, i had a inzer hard core but i had to bring my stance in a lot ot hit parrellel in it so i switched to the metal v-type wich is made for wide stance squaters, for the apf i am going to use a new inzer hybrid canvas-poly mix, i am getting it for christmas, single ply bench shirt i used was inzer HPHD blast it is really good shirt and am as good at using it as i am a denim wich i suck at lol, i like to use it now for board presses

    my double denim is a inzer radical cut open back, great shirt, just hard to learn to use, also it is a little big i plan on gaining some mucle though lol...

    i train westside barbell style, i also have trained in indianapolis with the indy power team with ron palmer, rocky tilson, and mike coe...

    i am 22 years old....

    i was also wondering where you are from and if you compete and your training style...

  7. Oh your an inzer fan I see haha. Im from Canada, never competed. No specific training style right now. Long story, but plan to start westside once recovering from a back injury. I'm only 15 years old by the way.

  8. PL4Life!!!

    Anyways stats:

    Squat 415 RAW
    Bench Press 240 RAW
    Deadlift 430 RAW

    Weight 235
    Height 5'11"

    Been powerlifting for 11 months

    My first competition will probably be this April

  9. well...good luck guys...i am always happy to meet new plers...hope we can all make each other better with knowledge........

  10. Anyone Tried This For Bench? 10 Sets Of 3 Reps Per Set, With A 30 Sec. Break In Between Each Set. After 5 Rest 1 Min. Then Go To Floor Presses As Heavy As You Can Take For 3 Sets. Then Tricep Pushdowns And Dips. Works Great W/tension Banda Too. I Got A 315 Bench W/ This Workout At 132lbs.i Broke The South Carolina State Record That Year.the Next Year Some Freak Of Nature Pressed A 355lb. That Is Crazy! Hope This Workout Helps.

  11. i'm kind of a powerlifter, more into strongman stuff though


    Raw bench--350lbs
    Raw squat--??never maxed(425 for 7, whatever that is)
    dead--never maxed(385 for 5)

    I am curious as to whether these new prohormones will help me in my strongman events, especially the tire flip and crucifix hold

  12. Im 16
    6' 2"

    Bench-230, it sucks
    deads- 430 X 5
    Squat - 450 lbs
    Also i wanted to know about these suits what are they for and do they help. I'm not really bulking or a powerlifter, just like to lift and have been for about 3 months now ever since football got out.

  13. The Squat Suit Will Help As Well As The Bench Shirt. If Your Thinking Of Buying Go W/ The Cheapest One. I Cant Tell A Difference Between The Different Ply Suits And Shirts.

  14. Titan definitely has better poly shirts. I think theyre squat suits are great too, althouhg ive never really heard anything bad about inzer squat suits either. But I wouldnt go with Inzer for a bench shirt.
  15. Future
    Future's Avatar

    I will MAYBE get back into competing once my shoulder is 100%. I do enjoy the Westside routine. GPP etc is great for just being an overall strength athlete.

    242 class


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