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    After my weekend carb-up, I lift on Monday and Tuesday. I should have enough glycogen stored in my muscles from the weekend of carb eating. While sparing muscle on this diet (and probably building more), I also need to lose fat. I'd like to do cardio after my lifting on Monday and Tuesday - but I've been reluctant to do so on Monday because I'm afraid of using my stored glycogen on the treadmill.

    Is that incorrect thinking? I'm hoping that I cannot use muscle glycogen stored in my upper body on the treadmill. I don't want my Tuesday workout to lack enough glycogen to perform it properly.

    What do you think?

    Also.. I'm accustomed to taking in 25-50 grams of protein within 30 minutes of my last set. Am I losing that window of opportunity if I do the treadmill for 30 minutes after my last set - and then take in the protein within 30 minutes after that?

    Thanks in advance.....

  2. Running does use other muscles aside from the leg muscles, mostly for posture during running. I wouldn't think that too much glycogen would be sapped from these muscles as they are used to stabilize the body not provide bursts of speed. For your concern of fat loss keto diets utilize fat to derive it's main source of energy through the week, as long as your working out you should be keeping enough muscle and shedding a great deal of fat, so cardio isn't strictly needed.

    You do not have to go on the tread mill directly after you workout, you can walk through the day and you'd lose fat. Going on a 30-40 minute walk would probably be sufficient on training days.

    On the days before your depletion workout where you are't training, you can do HIIT cardio with some low intensity cardio afterwards, again you can go for a 30-40 minute walk. HIIT essentially brings up your metabolism on non training days along with other positive metabolic reactions.

  3. Thank you. Unfortunately, I sit all day while I'm working. I only get to escape from home for a little over an hour to get my training in (I have a very needy wife). So my best bet to getting all the exercise I need is to get it all done at once..

    From what your saying, I think, I should probably stick to cardio only after my two main lifting days are through. So Tuesday after training, Wednesday and Thursday.. Saturday and Sunday I'm normally out and about - so I'm getting some walking in...

    What about the protein question? Any ideas on that?

    Thanks again...

  4. My opinion on the protein matter is this. When taking whey on a normal diet you would accompany it by a chunk of carbs for an insulin spike with the intention of trying to not only boost glycogen but to stop catabolism and possibly cause some growth. On keto we have compounded muscle retention, muscle growth on carb load days, I personally can't see any reason why it would make that big of an impact.

    I don't do any intense stuff during carb up days to avoid losing any glycogen at all. What is your current split like?

    I understand needy wife. If you can get 15 minutes alone on non training days you can do HIIT.

  5. Thank you. Here's my schedule...

    Monday: Pushes
    Tuesday: Pulls and cardio
    Wednesday: Cardio
    Thursday: Cardio
    Friday: Full body
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Rest

  6. Ok, turn Wednesday and Thursday into HIIT cardio sessions. 15-20 minutes at the most and you'd be done with cardio for the day. See how it goes, those two 15-20 minute sessions should be more effective cardio than your post workout cardio that you had talked a bout.

  7. That sounds like a good plan but I need to get my weight down a little bit before I go into something like HIIT. I have some cardiovascular issues and I don't want to over stress my heart. I was hoping to drop 20 pounds and then get back into MMA - which would really do the job as my favorite art is Muay Thai Kickboxing... Would doing the "hills" on the treadmill be closer to HIIT than simply walking? I usually do 1.5 miles in 30 minutes....

  8. Is the cardio bike too harsh on you? If you could share your condition it would help.

  9. I could probably do the cardio bike.. I have/had supra-ventricular tachycardia / Wilks Parkinson White syndrome. Before I had a procedure done several years ago, my resting heart rate would jump to 300 beats per minute with no way to slow it down. Today, I'm much better - but not perfect.

    I'm at a point in weight that I don't feel safe exerting myself too much. What I really need is a fairly low impact way of losing 20 pounds before I can really get into the high impact stuff. I thought that going on a (basically) low carb diet and getting 30 minutes of cardio (140 heart rate) a few days a week would do the trick...

  10. Sorry to hear that. In that case don't do the HIIT training. It will push your heart rate up.

    Truth is a low carb diet with sufficient training at your weight, the fat loss and muscle retention should be well enough. Just make sure your diet is in order. What I would do if were you is use the treadmill and cardio session to cardio session try to increase either the slope of the hill or the speed slightly.

  11. Thank you. I HAVE done MMA before - very rough training.. I was 140lbs back then.

    I will try to change my treadmill routine to something that is more hilly and variable on the speed.. I hope that helps..

    Thank you...

  12. I'm not sure if you would want to because of your heart, but you could try a stim, or if you don't want to risk it, you could go with a non-stim like DCP and add on to your fat loss, provided your diet and training are in check

    Good luck

  13. I tried Damage Control Placebo () and it didn't do anything for me.. I took quite a bit, too.. A stimulant is definitely a no-no.. Boy, do I miss the days of ephedrine and/or clenbuterol! Can't do that stuff anymore...

  14. Well, you can still try something like DCP, Lean Xtreme, or Reduction. I have heard good things about them, and they are non stims


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