Dipping belt

  1. Dipping belt

    I am looking for a nice dipping belt that has plenty of space for atleast 2 45 lb plates and is comfortable to wear. Theres a lot of crappy looking ones on the internet. Anyone have a model they'd like to recommend? Id probably lean towards a synthetic fabric one rather than leather as it would probably last longer but any advice would be great.

  2. The one I use at my gym seems like a basic leather belt with a chain on it. It gets the job done. I'd say any product from a reputable brand would be okay.

    A funny story about dipping belts... I was doing dips with two 45 plates one time and afterwards a guy complemented me on my insane thigh strength. It didn't take him long to figure out I had a belt on, but it was funny because for a few seconds there, he'd thought I was holding those two plates between my thighs. Haha!

  3. Check out the Spud dipping belt on Elitefts, by far the most comfortable one I have used. I have loaded up 5 plates on it before (only for one rep lol) and it wasn't bad at all.
    If that is a little too pricey for you, just go to a store like Harbor Freight and get a piece of double looped heavy webbing. I got a 6 foot piece that I just loop around my waist and it is pretty comfortable up to about 4 plates, then it digs a little to much.
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