Am I performing these correctly?

  1. Am I performing these correctly?

    Dynamic rows, I use a left palm facing away from me, and right palm facing toward me grip (does this have any substantial impact on the excercise?)

    I took a quick video for my warm up set since it's a pain in the sack to explain

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  2. I wouldn't do a mixed grip on these, you are going to be putting your bicep under a lot of tension and you are going to develop muscular imbalances if not careful. Try a double overhand grip and if you really need to use lifting straps. I cant watch the video to see how you are doing the movement, but it is basically a bent row with leg drive, so start with the bar on the floor then give leg drive, pull the bar to your stomach, and then lower back down to the floor. Make sure you keep you back arched and do let you hips get higher then your upper body.
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  3. Yeah im doing it as an explosive lift, pretty much starting off each rep like a deadlift fully letting the weight rest on the floor, and explosively lifting it to my sternum, with my body facing parallel at the start.

    Whats up with the vid?

  4. I was just behind a firewall at work, i just watched the video though and you definitely need to arch that back higher. When your getting ready to do them, pick one spot on the wall right at your standing eye level and try to look there for the whole movement. Keep your chest up and push your hips back and you should be solid. Take a big breath of air into your stomach and hold it for each rep, so that you are taking a breath everytime the weight is at the ground, this will help your core stay tight throughout the movement as well.
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  5. Alright, so just arch my back more with a overhand grip, im pulling to the right spot and all though?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Wisdom View Post
    Alright, so just arch my back more with a overhand grip, im pulling to the right spot and all though?
    Just aim for your navel, it looks like you got it pretty down in the video though.
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