gvt 10x10 question

  1. gvt 10x10 question

    im new to the gvt 10x10 training program. im looking to put on mass in a 12 week program i somewhat designed myself.
    heres the workout i came up with:
    Day 1 - barbell or dumbbell rows
    skull crushers or another tricep exercise

    Day 2 - off

    Day 3 - squat or deadlift
    military bb or db

    Day 4 - off

    Day 5 - bb or db bench press
    bb or db curls

    Day 6 - off

    Day 7 - repeat day 1

    Ok basically what i want to know is will my muscles have enough time to repair themselves with a workout like this of 1 day on 1 day off. Thank you

  2. You'll be fine. You can add some "support" movements in addition to the compound lifts on which you do 10x10. For example, doing 10x10 squats and then 3x8 Leg curls and 3x8 calf raises.
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