Monday - Dynamic Legs and Abs

Minor Plyometric work
Speed work including parachute sprints, shuttle drills

Tuesday - Chest

Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Peck Flies Flat or Incline (deppends how I feel)
Push-ups til failure

Weds - Back and Biceps

Standing Curl
Preacher Curl
Hammer Curls

Lat Pulldown
Seated Rows
Dumb Rows

Thurs - Legs and Abs

Calf Raises
Ham Curl
Leg Ext.

Fri - Shoulders and Tris

Shoulder Press
Side Raises

Close Grip or Skull Crushers, depends how I feel.

I've been lifting heavy weight at 6-8 reps. God gains thus far but I feel my biceps need some mass. really concerned about my biceps.

Any help....thanks