My HST Cycle

  1. My HST Cycle

    Hey everyone, this may be a little long, but here goes. First for some backround; I just recently got out of the Army after six years. During that time I discovered bodybuilding (well since I don't compete so I guess I discovered working out) and over the past three years I have gone from 160 lbs. to as high as 234 lbs. with ~ 14% BF (I know that's fat, but bulking has always been my favorite ). Well easy come, easy go. Over the past month I have dwindled down to 212 lbs. w/ ~ 12% BF (abs when flexed) due to a bout of severe food poisoning and being unable to stay on my diet or workout routine while moving, looking for a new job, and getting ready to head back to school full time. Anyways I have decided to give HST a try and will be using this thread as a journal. Maybe this will help some of you that are considering HST and help keep me motivated as it is psychologically hard to go from a five day split routine to a three day full body routine although I have read the principles and must say they make sense. I will not be taking any PH/PS this cycle so that I may make a somewhat accurate assessment, although I know that a good portion of what I hope to gain back will be due to muscle memory, etc.

    My workouts will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I will use the following exercises:

    Hack Squats
    Donkey Calf Raise
    Incline Bench
    Incline Flys
    Military Press
    Preacher Curls
    Skull Crushers
    Dumbbell Shrugs

    I will be using two sets per exercise with the first one to the planned repetition and the second being terminated when repetition speed slows, before failure.

    Here are my starting stats (All measurements were taken cold & relaxed):
    Weight: 212 lbs. @ ~ 12%
    Neck: 16 1/2
    Chest: 43 1/4
    Arms: 15 1/4
    Waist (at navel): 37 3/4
    Thighs: 24 1/2
    Calves: 16 1/4

    I won't go deep into my diet, but it consists of 4100 kcal. (40/40/20) Protein, Carb, Fat.

    I'll report progress every Sunday in case you're interested in following.

  2. One more thing

    I forgot to mention that my repetition cycle will be 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 3/Neg., Rest with one week (or three workouts) per repetition.

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