I intend on implementing Prilepin's Table in my next cycle. I've sort of followed it for a time and then I end up straying away from it.

For those who use it:

How do you like it?

How strict are you in employing these principles?

How do you use it when creating a WO?

I ran across an article yesterday where someone has extended Prilepin's Table to allow a lifter to more acurately keep tabs on his progress

The Reinvention Tour: How to Design Strength Training Programs using Prilepin's Table

I'd like to here some knowledgeable feedback on Prilepin's Table and the extension of it that I found.


My upcoming cycle is going to be the following:

MWF - Strength - Weight Training (compound exercises, very few machines)

TT - Speed - Olympic Lifts (1 Snatch day and 1 Clean day)

I can't lift near max because my school gym doesn't allow O-lifts but as long as you show superior control they don't bother you so I keep my reps between 3-5 and work on very strict form and speed

SS - Endurance/Speed/Power - Heavy Bag and Speed Bag