Squatting and sore forearms

  1. Squatting and sore forearms

    Help me out here

    I've recently started squatting again and I find my forearms around the inside of the elbow joint (the forearm muscle more towards your torso) begins to almost feel a cramping pain... or a pain in general like its being tensed up or worked out

    My reasoning is I might not be holding my barbell on my back properly with my arm position and just the way my elbows bend (ive tried close and wide grip) tends to start putting pain on the forearm muscle after 6 or so reps...

    Just wondering if anyone here has had similar issues? Or at least understands wtf im trying to explain?

    Any solutions? Thanks

  2. I get this, but from Dumbbell Squats. For me its a grip issue, my forarms arent strong enough to keep hold of the weight of the dumbbells for extended periods of time.

    Dont know if this in ANY way help you. :P

  3. nah u hold the weights below u when u do that dont u? different arm positioning
    thanks anyway

  4. Try pushing your elbows towards your body. It sounds like you are flaring your elbows a bit which is cause you to grip the bar with a weird forearm leverage.Also if you are setting the bar on your traps try lowering it down to your shoulder blades. This will create a better shelf for you to rest the bar on so you will not have to balance it as much. Finally make sure your elbows are under the bar and perpendicular to the floor. If none of this works you may have some tight forearm muscles which can be alleviated by rolling them out. For this just duct tape two tennis balls together so that it looks like a peanut. Then place the tennis balls on a table and your forearm in the groove between the tennis balls. Next start rolling your arm from the wrist to the elbow. It may hurt a little at first but it will feel great once everything breaks up and loosens up..
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  5. It sounds like a form issue. Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together before you place the BB on your back so your back is supporting the BB.

    Are you bending over too much? I could see if you set the BB high on your back and when you squat you bend forward too much causing you too tighten your grip to keep yourself from falling forward. If that's the case your using too much weight and need to correct your form.

  6. hmm ill get a mate to watch me next time and see if he notices anything

    im not really holding the bar
    i squatted yesterday and most of the squat im just supporting it so it doesnt roll off my back


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