Stretchings effects on lifting?

  1. Stretchings effects on lifting?

    have a read: - Evan Waters - Stretching: Great For Yoga, Not Sports!

    leave opinions... I find this is very interesting... and kindve irritating now that I've read it...

    what do you guys do who lift?

  2. Hmm,
    to be honest I normally do the standard steching... however, I knwo for a fact I never really strech every muscle I use not to mention some of the support ones.

    That is what warm up set are for IMO... would I still do the normal streching of course why take risks but I don't think "everyone" streches all the muscles they use.

  3. I use static stretching on off days or after cardio. Definitely not preworkout though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jtp217 View Post
    I use static stretching on off days or after cardio. Definitely not preworkout though.
    I always stretch 10 mins into a cardio session after my muscles nice and warm, and then bring the pain with the 400m sprints. However I never stretch pre-lifting, I usually don't do warm-up sets either, I wouldn't suggest it to everyone, but it works for me.


  5. How is using prolonged static stretching before your sprint workout any different then doing it prelifting?

  6. Avoiding stretching makes you more prone to injury. There are numerous benefits from stretching. You can't read one person's research article and automatically site it as an absolute truth.

  7. Static stretching prior to physical activity is a bad idea. So says the most current exercise literature. Dynamic stretching, however, is the tits.

    So, dynamic stretching prior to lifting/sprinting, and static stretching after.

  8. warm up in the beginning and incorporate dynamic strching when possible, use static stretching when finished lifting


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