knees going in when squatting..

  1. knees going in when squatting..

    My knees seem to be both pointing inward when I am back squatting, more so with heaiver weights. Is there a muscle imbalance here that can be corrected by throwing in some more exercises?, or do I just need to go lighter and practice stricter form? I have the same problem when doing dumbbell deadlifts(knees going in). Please help me diagnose this problem. Thanks.

  2. How wide apart are you knees? Also you can dry angling your toes outward to help.

  3. I would say that my knees are slightly inside my shoulders inline with my shoulder joint.

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  5. This is going to sound stupid but unless you have access to bands its a good solution.

    Take a pair of mesh shorts and place the waist band around your knees when your squatting. You are going to have to push out with your knees to keep them from falling down. Also you may want to widen your stance a little and point your toes outward a bit.
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  6. agreed with all of the need to force your knees out...regardless of how much weight you may need to take off the bar. pointing your toes out helps a good amount. the other thing that has helped me is putting 10lb plates under each heel. they give you enough lift so that it mimics wearing lifting shoes (generally have a 1.25" wooden heel). This also helped me get lower so that i could strengthen my knees

  7. ...stabilizer muscles around my knees. obv you cant strengthen your knee

  8. thanks guys i will def. try all of these...

  9. I have noticed that this problem usually is paired with tight hamstrings and hips muscles so appropriate stretching should help as well.


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