I'm posting this so that if someone was making the same mistake squatting as me they can fix it.

I have always been a weak squatter. It has always been an awkward movement for me and I have had a lot of pain in the inside of my knee.

The other day I squatted for my physical therapist and she told me I was turning my knee in slightly toward the bottom of my movement. I started putting my weight on heel and outside of my foot and it corrected the problem.

Today in the gym is the second time in this form, and I cranked out 275x10 and felt like I could've added at least another plate to each side and still gotten 10 reps (Doesn't sound like much, but I have always been an exceptionally weak squatter....I bench more than I squat weak...). In addition, instead of having to ice my knee down, I feel great now.

If you're a weak squatter, have someone who knows what they're doing look at your form....it may make a big difference.