Tip for Problem Muscles

  1. Tip for Problem Muscles

    Tip for Problem Muscles
    Have a muscle that needs more work, or just wont respond no matter what? Here is a tip that I have seen work wonders for MANY people. Quit working the **** out of it and it might just grow. Here is what happens to lots of folks. They have a sub-par muscle, so they throw everything in the book at it and it doesn't grow. They try everything........except hardly working it. I can't count all the people I have seen with problem arms that finally got them growing great by cutting out direct arm work and relying on the work they do for chest and back to work their arms. Because leg work is so brutal most people don't do a lot for their legs. For most people one, or at most a couple of hard sets of squats or leg presses allows them to add weight to the bar and leg size consistently and I have seen countless trainees add 200 lbs to their squat over a short period of time by doing warm-ups and one heavy set of squats once a week. But lets take the most abused muscle in the body....chest. I see people all the time doing 4 exercises for 16-20 sets for chest and getting nowhere. Then if you can get them to reduce to one or two chest moves BAM....chest starts growing. Of course this doesn't work for everyone for every muscle, and some stubborn muscles truly do need more work to bring them up to par. But if you are truly stuck on something you have noting to lose to try this technique. Think about it. If it's not growing now what do you have to lose trying it?

    Iron Addict

  2. Ive known for a while that I do way too many sets for my chest and my chest is certainly my most underdeveloped muscle. It just goes so far against intuition to work something less to get it to grow more even though I know this would definately help me. What two chest movements would you recommend, Im thinkng incline db press and dips?

  3. i was having trouble with my shoulders growing...
    still am atm, but thats understandable on PCT...
    when i come off in about 2 more weeks i want to get my shoulders stronger...

    doing 6 sets of direct shoulder workouts through shoulder presses and lateral raises...
    5 sets of indirect with dips and flat bench presses...

    i'm thinking of doing rest pause on the shoulder presses and lowering the lat raises to 2 sets instead of 3 and cutting out flat bench altogether, and tossing in an extra set of dips

  4. Thanks IA, classic example of how less = more

  5. T-mack,

    Your selection is just about perfect!

    Iron Addicr

  6. Just thinking out loud here... my arms are the lagging part. Currently for monday I do (as an example):

    1 set weighted dips, rest paused
    1 set hammer strength shoulder press, rest paused
    1 set reverse grip bench on the smith (for tris) rest paused

    1 set hammer strength pulldown, rest paused
    1 set DB curls, rest paused
    1 straight set of rack pulls

    Perhaps I should eliminate the rest pausing for the direct arm work? It would seem odd to eliminate it altogether and leave me with only two exercises for the whole day, although if it works, I'd do it.


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