Lunges: mediocre or beneficial?

  1. Lunges: mediocre or beneficial?

    im trying to get a little faster and get my legs in a good shape, cut and thick. is lunges just a waste of time? i usually do each set until failure and have experienced some soreness. just wanted to see what you guys thought. thanks


  2. Walking lunges with a barbell behind you or dumbbells at your side is definitely not a waste of time.

  3. Calling lunges a failure is essentially calling squats a failure.
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  4. love lunges... go full basketball court with something fairly heavy and have the heavy stuff at the other end of the court... and walk back to half court with the heavies...
    death to my legs
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  5. Just make sure you give your legs enough time to recover before you do a sprint session. Running on sore legs is definitely a waste of time if you're trying to get faster.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Calling lunges a failure is essentially calling squats a failure.
    I agree

  7. Lunges seem to hit my legs in a way that even heavy weights don't do!

  8. i didnt exactly mean to say that they wernt a failure, i just ment that is it like a waste of time compared to squating light weights. i usually lunge until failure which burns like a son of a gun. im pretty sore today so i think they are working for me pretty good. i need to pick up my speed.


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