building muscle with insulin resistance

  1. building muscle with insulin resistance

    im not 100 percent sure i am insulin resistance but alot of things make me think this. my mom has it and shes on medicine for it...and i had a bottle of anabolic pump and it never did anything for me.And ive never been one of those skinny kids...i have been overweight before(i was 225 in middle school) i was just wondering how to build muscle with insulin resistance or if its even worth trying. thanks

  2. still possible. just make sure you work out your legs. like crazy. my best friend is type 1 diabetic, and he has some problems gaining. as soon as he started working his legs though he blew up. also, the interesting thing is, when he was working upper body only, his blood sugar was better regulated. when he started working his legs too, his insulin needs dropped by almost 1/2. of course i can't speak for you (i know people with all kinds of different insulin problems) but i think you'll be fine.

  3. yea i was just trying to see if people knew anything about it. i find i have a hard time gaining. it just seems when i eat alot of carbs it goes straight to my stomach. i do spurts of the anabolic diet to trim down alittle. last time i went for about 2 weeks on it and lost around 8 lbs and it was mostly fat. my pants got really loose and my stomach was gettin flat for once in my life. im going on it again. id like to see if i can stay on it this time because i want to i gotta eat alot....and the AD just gives me a crazy appetite. im hungry ALL the time on this diet. And i eat everytime im hungry and still lose fat.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TNASTYII View Post
    ...and i had a bottle of anabolic pump and it never did anything for me.
    Me neither and I am not insulin resistant.

    What you need to do is test your blood glucose levels w/ a blood glucose meter not base your diagnosis on whether some herbal supplement did anything for you.

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