PCT starts today, here's my split

  1. Post PCT starts today, here's my split

    Yesterday was the last day of my fina/prop/m1t cycle...
    ran fina/prop for 4 weeks, took a week off with low dose prop since i had stopped gaining completely... took the time to adjust my workouts to a little better split for me...
    jumped back on the rest pause thing the next week with the same dose of fina and less prop and 10mg ED of M1T
    immediately gained 7-8 quality pounds... and i'm here 2 weeks after that...

    ticks me off tho that i finally started figuring how my body responded best to exercise and i started gaining all this weight... luckily most of the little water weight i had dropped off so i got pretty lean gains this time around... and stopped right dead on at 185lbs so 20lbs so far in my quest, dropped off a bit of bodyfat; gained some good strength; and found A LOT about myself i didnt know before... its great using juice because you can find out what your body responds to faster
    the biggest thing i discovered is i can still overtrain very easily when on juice...

    started loading creatine yesterday... and today too
    and i start clomid tomorrow

    here's my split...
    basically its 3 days in a row workout, two days off, then 3 days on again...
    around 10-12 sets every 8 days for big compounds save squats (body likes higher reps with lowered volume)
    and around 4-6 every 8 days for smaller isolations
    notice the dropped volume just like IA has kept screaming his fool head off about, it has positively affected me too... awsome awsome is all i can say

    i now love dips with a passion... my chest has exploded in the past week that i've been doing them... i found a new favorite exercise
    pretty much only the last set is to failure; the others are near failure; prolly one rep away

    Day 1
    Dips 3x10
    Flat Bench 2x10
    Skullcrusher 2x15
    Incline Flyes 2x10
    Shrugs 2x15

    Day 2
    Box Squats 2x15
    Hamstring Curls 2x15
    Calf Raises 1x15
    Leg Press 2x15

    Day 3
    Shoulder Press 3x10
    Chins 2x10
    Incline Curls 3x10
    Lateral Raises 2x15
    Seated Rows 3x10

    two days rest
    then repeat... with some minor variations... skullcrushers become tricep pushdowns, BB presses such as shoulder press becomes DB

    why do i do shoulders on a seperate day? i seem to progress much better with shoulder strength when i do them specifically on a seperate day... it seems that its more resiliant than other muscles

    here's to the next 4 weeks!

  2. Bean,

    That is truly a very well put together routine, now all you need to do is only do it once a week with a days rest between workouts-lol. Just kidding dude, all that matters is that it works. I never train, or have people train two days in a row unless intensity is very low because MOST people just don't get good CNS recovery doing so, but again, all that matters is that it works.

    I will second that notion as dips being the king of upper body training. There would be much more pec muscle on the planet if more people dipped instead of working their front delts off while benching. Benches work wonders for lots of people, but if they don't, dips are usually the answer.

    Iron Addict

  3. thanks IA

    i sorta noticed the problem with CNS recovery, i've taken that 2nd day in a row of rest and put it inbetween workout 2 and workout 3, and added another for the second variation...
    so thats 2x per 10 days

    hopefully my protein from protein customizer comes in; i'm about out of protein

    so far so good... holding at 182lbs (what i stopped at on sunday last week)

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