proper form for lat raises

  1. proper form for lat raises

    I was just wondering what the correct form to use when doing standing lat raises would be. I tend to have a slight bend in my arms and i raise the weights slightly above paralell with my thumbs pointing down at the top. I have heard alot of contradictory info on form for this excersise. Such as elbows should always be above wrists, so ppl have said do not lift the weights higher then parallell, i have also seen arnold doing them bring the weights in a full range of motion touching together at the top. I have bad shoulders already and would not want to injure them worse using improper form.

  2. Thumbs up Lateral raises

    There are lots of ways to complete the exercise effectively. Your method is pretty safe and shouldn't cause any damage. I definitely wouldn't suggest following Arnold's lead on this particular one.. we know much more about human anatomy and biomechanics now than ever before.

    Don't go above parallel, keeping your thumbs down is fine, and make sure you keep your shoulder blades depressed as much as possible so as to not overwork the trapezius. Also, make sure to inflate your chest during each set to ensure you down anteriorly rotate the shoulder joint, thus eliminating the benefit of working the lateral deltiods.

    Good luck!

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