How to Reduce Soreness

  1. How to Reduce Soreness

    Heres a few ways to reduce soreness....orginially posted by Big H, but he decided to cry and delete it, its not his, its an edited and pasted article he claimed, so I can re-post it and here it is:

    The initial soreness if lactic acid build up, which, with the help of the Golgi Tendon prevents the muscle from contracting anymore. This is a defense mechanism to protect you from hurting yourself. The soreness you feel after the day after you lift is NOT lactic acid build up, but rather DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and the tearing of muscle fibres, which then go on to repair themselves and make them stronger (hypertrophy.)

    Now, there are ways to prevent soreness, because the sooner you realize that soreness is not always good, the better you will be.

    1. Stretch- This is important, not only because it helps to reduce injury but it warms up the muscle and gets it loose and ready to perform the excerise. Remember though, you should NOT stretch a cold muscle; you should warm it up by walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes and then stretch. Those who are opponents of Dynamic stretching have to realize there is a place for it, and it is not as dangerous as people make it out to be.
    Remember to stretch before you lift, during your workout, and right after.

    2. Have the right form- A lot of times people will be sore, and blame it on a "good workout" when in actuality it is their body telling them that they are doing something wrong. If they continue to do it, they will hurt themselves. This comes back to knowing your body; you know when you are hurt, and don't ignore it.

    3. Lift with Speed- I have heard the people who get their jocks off to lifting "super-slow" but this is pointless. Honestly, studies have shown that lifting slowly only causes more soreness and is not as beneficial in growth. For example, those who insist that doing bicep curls really slowly are really good for the biceps are wrong; it has been shown that if you do them that slowly the focus is mainly on the brachioradialis (forearm.) So do your reps controlled, but not superslow.
    Yes, I know that most growth is under the negative (eccentric) portion of the lift, so getting a good rep pattern in good like 2 seconds up, 3 seconds down is good. But don't take it too extremes.
    And if you want to avoid soreness altogether, lift with speed. I rarely get sore anymore, because I lift with Compensatory Acceleration and with speed.

    4. Soak in a hot bath afterwards- This will drastically help reduce soreness. Soaking in a hot tub, or a hot bath afterwards will help to get rid of the pain.

    5. Massage- This also helps to get rid of the pain that could be caused by DOMS.

    6. Nutrition- The better your nutrition is, the better your body will be able to repair the damage that was done during exercise, period. So get your diet in shape and that will help reduce soreness.

    7. SLEEP!! Your body grows when you are sleeping, not in the gym. Sleep is important for many reasons including realeasing GH, and recovery. So try to get 8 hours a night, especially if you are in your teen years

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  3. Remember YJ you're body grows while you're sleeping so try and do it. You can be even bigger if you slept more than 3 hours a day. Other than that this covered all the basics and sums up a great idea. Thanks

  4. low reps would help sway away from stimulating lactic acid buildup.

    applying heat to the area of lactic acid buildup will improve circulation there and move it out of the area. (like the bath idea)
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    For those of you who do care, I did write that article.



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