Help With Chest

  1. Help With Chest


    This is my basic routine for chest:

    4 sets
    Pyramid style 12-6 reps
    Increasing 5 lbs per set


    I do all this with dumbells.
    My chest is growing, but very little. Should I forget flat, and do double sets of incline?

    Also, I have started to an average of 200 push ups a day. I do straigh and incline, which have seemed to help.

    I want to keep using the dumbells, but if you think otherwise, let me know. Also, for some reason, I haven't really gone up in strength. In the past 9 months, my bench has only gone up about 30 lbs.

    What do you think?

  2. overtraining much, not much, much to much. HA-HA , just joking. umm, lets see, how long have been doing the same routine? you might want to switch it up every 60-120 days or so. not sure if going to using a bar instead of bells will make a huge impact or not, but it is change. and change is good. do not forget about the stabilizer muscles, the tricep, train them with a passion. my bench (chest) has always sucked. i was offered good advise a while back though. (flat bench with a bar) put a good amount of weight on the bar (nothing crazy, just warm up weight) as you lower the weight to the chest, concentrate on where your legs are, are you abs tight, and your back tight? when doing bench trying and imagine everybody part from the chest down must not move, almost like it one big piece of wood, this should allow you to focus more on the chest. when you push up on the bar, keep everything tight too, and again really focus on the chest. ask my chest getting tight, does it feel like my chest is really doing most of the work. one more thing, your shoulders.......when you push up, they should be neutral, what i mean by that is, they should NOT follow the bar and raise up off the bench. you don't really have to force them onto the bench, just keep them in the same position as they were on the descent of the bar to your chest. i have added these techniques to my routine and have gone up 20 lbs. in the last 4 months. i will suggest using a bar to get these tips in place, it's much easier to see how your lifting by trying to monitor both arms together than two seperate....but find out what works the best for you........

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  4. A. like said over training is probably the major reason! Some people's genetics allow them to train like that, and make good progress. But if you feel you have stagnated, it is time to change things up..

    B. 30lbs is really not all that bad in 9 months, if you are natural. Maybe your chest is developing, in proportion.. If your BF% is high, you may not realize that your chest has indeed developed.

    C. How are your front delts? Do they over shadow your pecs? I know mine do. This is from being a "front delt presser". Over the last year i have really had to try and correct this, and make sure my shoulder blades are pinched back, sternum is held high, shoulders never roll forward at the top, etc. This is a pretty common issue it seems.

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