Injured?? What you NEED to know about Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

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  1. ive been there 3 times and i already have better range of motion. i have another appt. on wednesday so ill update after that.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by supersize77
    Go and get it NOW! Run, don't's that good. I had bad case of tennis elbow for over a year, and if not for ART I'm not sure I would be able to do any upper body movements at all. This is not an exageration, nothing else worked for me, and I tried everything. It takes about 5-10 treatments, but man is it worth it. It may not cure your problem completely, but it will come close, and it will definitely make it manageable.
    Thanks bro, I'm gonna check to see if my insurance covers it. I'm crossing my fingers here, as I really can't afford to pay for each visit out of pocket, but I think I could really benefit from this. My shoulder pain has been unbearable lately.

  3. ive got great insurance but it still costs me 20 each visit. not too badly priced but hey if it works fine ill pay it.

  4. $20 would be fine by me. I'm just worried that they would tell me it isn't covered at all and I'd have to pay it all out of pocket. I guess I'll find out soon though. Thanks.

  5. I've had incredibly bad shoulder impingement for the last 6 months to the point that my right pec is slightly atrophied due to lack of blood supply and I can't do any overhead pressing and very little chest work.

    I've been to a a sports surgeon who diagnosed it as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and he suggested Physio.

    After six weeks of physio and ultrasound it's not any better at all but I found an article in T-mag about ART so I decided to give it a shot.

    Just finished my first ART treatment 30mins ago and my range of motion is drastically increased.

    I'm going to continue with 2 sessions weekly and will post updates as to how effective it is.

    If I am healed by this I'll be the happiest guy on the planet.
    *Fingers crossed*

  6. Good to hear man!

    I love it when a surgeon loses a nickel.

  7. Ok I'm a believer now, last 2 nights since my treatment I've slept pain free for the first time in months.

    The shoulder was sore as hell rest of the day after treatment but seemed better that evening and last couple days have been great, pain is GREATLY diminished and this is after 1 session.

    I can't wait untill the next treatment,

  8. Very interesting discussion.

    I am wondering if any of you guys have heard of Trigger Point Therapy. I'd been diagnosed with rotator cuff impingement, shoulder subluxation (that darn clicking sound) and golfers elbow (medial epicondilytis). Rehab didn't help much. A colleague recommended Trigger Point Therapy book (he used for Carpal Tunnel syndrome).

    My results have been nothing short of amazing. No more symptoms, no more pain. I am back doing Military and Bench presses. A little paranoid about Chins and Deadlifts; it's been only a month since all the pains vanished.

    You could read more about this book at (search for Trigger point Therapy). Or on the parent website This book has been a true blessing.

    I think it's a must have book in every bodybuilders arsenal. Active release techniques seem to use a form of massage, and trigger point therapy treament is along the same line.



  9. Seems like ART and trigger point are all pretty similar to Rolfing, myopracty and deep tissue release. They all seem to break up adhesions and re-alighn the muscle tissue so that everything is more symmetrical.

    I agree, its a must for anyone who works out (aka, shortens muscle). I have my next session on Saturday and look forward to it with both dread and anticipation. My massuese is bruuutal, lol.

  10. My original case of tennis elbow involving my left arm is healed thanks to ART. However, lately my right bicep has been hurting where it connects into my forearm. I just got back from an ART apponitment to work on my right bicep, and all I can say is WOW! I have alomst no pain at all. This session was more of a "preemptive strike", before the pain became to uncomfortable, and I do believe it was successful. I have come to believe that ART can take care of old (chronic) as well as new injuries.


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