tendinitis in wrist

  1. tendinitis in wrist

    I am very sure that I have tendinitis in my wrist. This resulted from snapping up 90lb DBs for DB bench, which was very hard on my tiny wrists. I pushed through for a week and a half now and it has not improved. I've just started to take anti-inflammatories and try to use it as little as possible, but the pain is still there. The slightest use makes it painful. It still has it's strength in the gym though. I just want it to heal before I really screw it up bad. Should I not workout at all for a couple weeks or just do legs and work the other side....would that throw off strength/balance. I usually do a 4 day split of (upper/lower break upper/lower). How could I alter this? Even being in the gym the wrist needs to be used to lifts plates and such. Also, what are some excercises I can do for one side only? Db bench and rows is all I could think of. HELP!

  2. The only way to get rid of nagging injuries like that is to rest them up really mate...

    Take a week or two off from anything that puts a strain on your wrist, maybe use it as an opportunity to really blast the legs or cardio. Some high-effort swimming would probably be a good way to maintain upper body condition in your time off without stressing your wrist.

    Personally I wouldn't train only one side... the only way that would make sense is if your un-injured side was lagging anyway. Either way I still wouldn't really do it. Just take the opportunity to rest up, you'll come back slightly low then probably bust through whatever weights your on now within a couple weeks.

  3. if you aggravate tendinitis, you are going to only make it worse. Let it rest for awhile man.

    My legs have been feeling awesome lately, I am recovereing from having achilles tendinitis in both legs.

    Fish oil 5g's a day and Cissus help alot. Cissus especially helped.

    Anti inflammatory help a lil, but remember, it is inflamed because your body is trying to protect itself/heal, etc. So if you take away the inflammation and keeping using it, its really bad for your wrist. leave it be man, buy one of those braces from the market that keeps your wrest in that palm up relaxed position and use it to sleep in and wear to work. After a week of rest, stretch git a lil and roll it around, but no weights, none, nada.

    2 weeks should be good for it to start improving, then check it out, but dont overdo it just yet in case it is not healed 100%.

    mess up your wrists now and it could get ugly later in life.

    also, dont workout your other side by itself lol.....you could still do both arms if you do some cray inventive thinking.

    Such as using the leg and ab machines that have the long padded cushions for your arms lol.

    just dont use your wrists and you could pull off ghetto curls and push downs. and isnt there a fly machine that uses pads you put your forearms on at your gym?

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