altering the deadlift

  1. altering the deadlift

    In beyond brawn, they talk about using a trap bar for deadlifts, which would be great since I'm 6'3, I think it would help my back keep perfect form much easier and allow me to lift a bit more weight. Only problem my gym has no trap bar.

    I was curious what if I did deadlifts using dumbells?? the handles on a trap bar are positioned the same way as you would grab 2 dumbells. Would it be as effective or close to being as effective as a deadlift using a barbell?

    I just have trouble with the bar when sliding it up past my knees. It also puts more stain on my back than I would like. I was doing it fine for many weeks but one week I messed up my form a bit, and my back got really tight.
    Only problem with dumbells would be how long would I be able to hold the weight in my hands. I plan on doing less reps like 5. Not to sure yet if to follow a 5x5 type routine, with 2-3 compund movements on every push-pull-leg day type setup.

  2. doing it with dumbbells is pretty much the same movement as a trap bar, although you go lower because you're not using 45 lb plates on db's

  3. well I tried it out today, and I must say I liked it!!! it felt a lot better on my back, yet I still felt it work out everything. My grip was a worry, but it held out fine. I will keep doing it this way until I run out of dumbells heavy enough

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