Squat and knee pain

  1. Squat and knee pain

    Towards the end of my 3rd week of my Bill Star 5x5 program, the tendons around my knee caps hurt. I've stopped doing squats since then, but 3 weeks later it still hurts to do deep squats, (even lifting my arse of the toilet hurts my knee tendons)

    I really miss squats and want to get back into it.

    A little about myself. Squats aren't my strong point, my 5 rep max is 185. I do deep squats and just noticed that my knee may be going pass my toes and sometimes I lean forward during hard squats and push on the toes/ball of the feet.

    Any sugestions on what caused this?

    Did I over work it? The 5x5 program had me doing more squats in 3 weeks than I've done in prior 6 months.

    Any suggestions for rehab workouts? Sled?

    Why is it taking so long to heal?

    Thanks in advance, I recently lost my job and don't have medical

  2. Once you are feeling back to normal try box squatting. Remember to engage your hips first and sit back rather than down. Here is two good articles to get you started:
    BulletProof Knees
    Squatting head to toe
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. sup bro, just want to tell u right now i am going through the same exact problem u r going through. I started deep squats and now front of my knee and lower part are hurting and when i do any hard cardio or leg its hurts, but not as much hurt but sharp pain and or a sensation that its bruise. went to doctorand they told me its a patella tendinitis , which is over working the knee. i took 3 weeks off prior to doctor but still is lil hurt and sore. so i started taking glucocamine and next im going for super cissor, then the doc perscribed me to anti inflamation. she thinks that it mghta had inflamation and when i squat or jump it puts to much strees on the lower knee where patella is at. its been 6 weeks so far and its still re occuring , goes awya but when i do racquetball now and or hard running. it re occurs but a il.. my advice as of right now.. lay off and just do knee exercises and get some glucoamine and some anti inflamtory med see how that works.. last thing u want is to really hurt the knee and be out for several months . and legs were my best part on my body and i luved doin them. so i a lil upset but its better taking a time rest(knowing mmy legs will be week going back, then to bust them out and go under more strenious pain later. i start streteching now before anything and every morning i stretch out knee and wear a stretchy knee brace for working out and stand all day.. just to give it a lil relax and not pressure on it.. hopefully this works and if u need links and or knee exercises message me and i'll do my best

  4. Thanks guys!

    I really enjoy snowboarding, windsurfing, rollerblading etc... I'd hate to do any damage that keeps from doing those.

    It's funny. I wailed on my knees snowboarding 15 times last season, and no knee pain at all. Do squats 9 times in three weeks and hurt myself. And, the whole reason for the squats was to get ready for the season.

  5. yea its a *****,,,,.. excuse the language..=/ it happens when u start a new routine and or to try sumthing and always get's u. Went to do a new form of squats and do them 3 times a week to get legs right. and boom. so i do a different type of cardio that doesnt focus on knee. Punching bag, spoeed bag, jump rope and versa climber. and i will start doing light weight on legs on certain exercises. but lay off squatrs hack squats and leg extentions. which all focus really on knee. good luck to ya. on the road to recovery.=) keep ur mind positive and all should go well

  6. You may want to consider supplementing with a Cissus Quadrangularis product.

    SuperCissus Rx has a perfect therapeutic extract. If this is a chronic issue, up the dose a 6 per day and you will see great results.

    USPlabs SuperCissus Rx @ NutraPlanet

    Great for powerlifters and heavy lifting bodybuilders.

    Good luck!
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  7. Thanks guys! It's hard to keep my mind positive, but agree that keeping a mental state will be helpfull.

    For the "Cissus Quadrangularis " are there any cheap generic products to use? I'm taking fish and flax oil, and a daily supliment. Would MSM be good?

    GAwd, I miss deads and squats.

  8. http://www.****************/product/n...500-grams.html

    just one of the great suppliers. he has a 100gm size too. i have the same damn problem bud, been doing the 5x5 squatting 3 times a week. thought they'd vastly improve (they need to) but here comes the pain on my inside right knee. have switched to the leg press, but only marginally (& temporarily) better. best of luck to all of us!


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