Compound Lift as First Exercise?

  1. Compound Lift as First Exercise?

    I am new to these forums, but I have been lurking for a few days.

    My question to the members here is: Do you do a Compound Lift first in your routine, or do you do an isolation type movement first as a warmup?

    Heres an example of what I am talking about, take Chest Day for example. Do you immediately go to the flat bench, knock out some warmup reps, then add weight for your working sets? -Or- Do you do something like Flyes for a warmup, then move into your working bench sets.

    The reason I ask, is I am newer to this sport and I have read that you are to always open your workouts with a Compound Movement, however it was not until recently that I learned for “myself” that I perform better if I do a pre-exhaust exercise prior to my compound lift.

    I know, most will say do what works for you, but I just thought I’d see how others do it, like to broaden my horizons some, and learn from others through trial and error of my own, through the experience of others.

  2. Well it really depends on the individual. Say you are working your chest with a bench press, but when you press you are tricep dominant. A pre-exhaust isolation movement may cause you to actively engage the chest more if the movement. In my own personal experience I always start my lower body workouts with a hip/glute mobility movement so that I activate those muscles properly during my lifts.
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