Wrist problem

  1. Wrist problem

    First off I weigh 195lbs, but have very tiny wrists, under 7in. I rep 80-90lbs DBs for DB bench and I believe just the strain on the tiny wrists from getting this amount of weight up has caused me some nagging wrist pain. There are two tender areas in the wrist that I can touch. The pain does not affect my grip, but any side to side movement of the wrist is painful. Anyone have something similar? What is it and what should I do about it? It doesn't really hurt much during lifting, but for everyday activity it is really nagging.

  2. i have the simular problems...my pain is worse on arm day doing preachers, shoots all the way my my forarms and it sucks. i wear gloves with wrist support, but only on heavy weight as it takes away from strengthening that area. you can get by with just those wrist wraps with the thumb loop. switching to a thumbless grip many years ago greatly helped too, keeps you wrist inline with the pressing movement. don't forget your joint support, if it hurts you are doing damage...make sure you stay on top of that!

  3. focus on wrist strength for a while

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