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    I thought the 2/2 dosing was if you were eating bad multiple days in a row. I usually have one big cheat meal once every 2 or 3 weeks.
    2/2 would be best since you want to eat bad twice in one day to help with multiple bad meals. (9 am and 2 PM)
    If you have 1 bad meal then the 3 cap dosing would be best prior to that meal.

    Since you are doing 9 AM and 2 PM then you would dose at 8:30 and 1:30 even though the half life is longer then the 5 hour span between your 2 bad meals.
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  2. Late to the party, but absolutely ROFLing at how many times The Solution has repeated the same answer and then gets another scenario spelled out that again gets the same answer. Haha. 3 before your biggest cheat meal or 2/2!
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  3. Finished the bottle that Iíve been using sparingly over the past year. Seemed to work well for cheat meals but how does the daily 2/2 dosing work if youíre in a deficit? Any point?

  4. If I'm to use the 2/2 protocol, would it be an overkill to stack a GDA like CnP Pred4tor?


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