Dry Rub or Dry Uretyx?

  1. Dry Rub or Dry Uretyx?

    Heading to the beach June 23rd. I'd like to try & lean out just a little more & figured one of these two could help me out. Which one is more effective, or are they used together. Forgive my laziness, I haven't looked @ the ingredient profile of either one in a while.

  2. No need to use them together. One is topical and one is an oral diuretic. I'd run whichever is going to be easier on you. Would you rather swallow pills or apply a topical where effects are desired. Both should give pretty comparable results.
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  3. Thanks dude. That's kind of what I figured. Just wated to be sure.

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