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    Pick up SouthLand's new addition, GlycoMyx (908 Grams), as well as Recourse (120 Caps), at UNBEATABLE & UNHEARD OF LOW PRICES!!! Our prices are TOO LOW TO ADVERTIZE, so you must add them to your shopping cart in order to view these never before see INSANE SALE PRICES! THESE OFFERS ONLY VAILD WHILE LIMITED SALE SUPPLIES LAST!

    Recourse: Become a LEGEND in the Gym and the Bedroom!

    Let’s face it; we’ve all wasted money and time on products we thought would “boost” our testosterone. The guys at Southland Performance feel your pain and have crafted the supplement industry’s ULTIMATE testosterone booster. No cheap frills or miniscule doses of components for the sake of decorating the bottle with fancy names, just SIMPLE ingredients that WORK.

    If you’re at a plateau in your lifting and need a boost, or you just want something to spice up the scene in the bedroom, look no further than Southland Performance Product’s RECOURSE. With RECOURSE, you’ll be crushing huge weights in the gym and having fun in the bedroom. Recourse is NOT your everyday DAA product. Recourse is a breakthrough product from Southland Performance and it is guaranteed to cover all your testosterone boosting needs as well as offer other beneficiary uses.

    RECOURSE starts with the new king of the testosterone boosting, D-Aspartic Acid. At 1000mg per serving, and three servings per day, users of RECOURSE are ensured a COMPLETE serving of DAA daily. Where other products skimp on this powerful test-boosting ingredient, RECOURSE does the opposite. With a full dosing of DAA daily (3 grams), one can expect to experience a rise in testosterone levels of up to 33%.

    In addition to DAA, RECOURSE includes an insane ingredient complex comprised of ingredients shown to boost testosterone, lower estrogen, improve mental clarity and focus, as well as assist in pleasuring significant others. Diindolylmethane (or DIM) and Calcium D-Glucarate both have been shown to lower estrogen levels. Lower levels of estrogen can result in an increase of lean body mass, as well as fat loss around the typically stubborn mid-section. Shown to increase blood flow and nitric oxide levels, L-Arginine boosts physical performance. Muria Puama also assists physical performance by improving mental clarity and elevating testosterone levels. Rhodiola supports Muria Puama by sharpening concentration and combating fatigue. Lastly, MACA and Horny Goat Weed are included as both have been shown to amplify libido level.

    If you’re tired of wasting money on ineffective products and just want something that WORKS, look no further than RECOURSE by Southland Performance Products. With a full serving of D-Aspartic Acid and a healthfully dosed complex, RECOURSE provides a testosterone boosting, estrogen reducing, sexual enhancement experience that’s nothing "short" of amazing!

    Conquer Your Competition, feel ALIVE with Vigor & Positive Agreesion; BE THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE! DON'T Settle For ANYTHING Less...TAKE A RECOURSE OF ACTION NOW!

    GlycoMyx: Glychemically Advanced Carbohydrate!
    is the new high-performance, glycemically advanced carbohydrate source by Southland Performance Products. Using a special blend of High-Anthocyanin Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Whole Grain – Gluten Free powdered oats, and Glucomannan. GlycoMyx offers the ideal source of carbs for uses as varied as preworkout, meal-replacement, and post workout replenishment. GlycoMyx helps contribute to healthy cholesterol levels, and offers a filling nutrient-dense option perfect for positive body composition effects. The Anthocyanin content helps maintain a healthy vascular response to NO, and provides for incredible muscle fullness and pumps.

    Benefits of GlycoMyx:

    • Ideal for Pre-Workout, Post-Workout and Meal Replacement Shakes!
    • Stimulant Free Energy, Endurance and Recovery!
    • Contributes to Healthy Cholesterol Levels!
    • Gluten Free!
    • Quickly Delivers Nutrients to the Muscles Without a Large Insulin Response!
    • Contains Powerful Antioxidants!

  2. They're not kidding with the "Too Low to Post" price. Nutraplanet was allocated a limited number of units for the LOWEST price level (which is now live.) Once those are gone, the price will come up a couple of bucks for the remainder of the sale.
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  3. Bumpin it dirty-style!
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