Recompadrol and AAv2 dosage?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by johnk271 View Post
    6:30am 2 aav2
    9am 2 aav2
    (If second workout 2aav2 around 5pm)
    2 aav2 pre bed.

    Recompadrol im taking 2 before each carb containing meal. So breakfast, lunch around noon, and dinner at 630-7
    Drop down to 1 aav2 meaning 3 a day for 2 weeks and see if that helps. Your body might be sensitive to HCA and its potentials as Zach explained before.

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by johnk271
    And continue to take recompadrol everyday even low carb days correct?
    Yes even on low carb days

  3. I honestly thinkbitbhas to do with carbohydrate intake. I feel the same way until I carb up. Flat and soft and watery



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