Recompadrol and optimen OK?

  1. Recompadrol and optimen OK?

    Hi to everyone.
    I recently bought 2 bottles of recompadrol and i wanna ask of you some questions in order to make best use of it.
    1)How many carbs can cover a single capsule? and most important, 1 capsule is effective?
    2)I'm taking optimen right now, but this contains vanadium, chromium and alpha lipoic acid. Do these ingredients make recompadrol work less or make it ineffective? I ask this because i read on some forums that when you take a GDA, you have to cut avery compound that plays with insulin.
    3)What's your thoughts on recompadrol?
    Thanks and hope to see answers cause i tried 2 times to contact Enhanced body formulations on their site but no answers :-(

  2. Bump :-(

  3. Sorry I didn't see this

    1 cap recompadrol per 60 carbs or 500 calories

    Stacking with optimen should be no issue at all

    Are you using this on a cut or on a bulk?

  4. As far as sending the message through the site it goes straight to my phone. Maybe it didn't go through.

    Anyone who has ever contacted me knows I get right back to them usually right away or within a few hours

    You can contact me for now on at
    Enhancedbodyformulations at gmail dot com

    Sorry buddy

  5. Actually i'm using it on a cut and i take 3 cap 3x a day with at least 30 gr of carbs (only 1 of these cap without food prebed).
    Sorry but i have other questions about this product hope not to bother
    1)on the label it says 20-30 minutes prior to meal, but how can a person find the right spot?
    There are any sign that this product are effective after a meal?
    2)If i take 1 capsule and not eat, i didn't feel any hypo, is this normal?

  6. Yea these products won't cause hypoglycemia due to them being glucose dependent. They won't lower sugars to dangerous levels

    I personally wait 20 min till I eat. 45 min sometimes. The major difference in timing come from what the macronutrient content of the meal is

    I wait 5 min after dosing high fat meal. Because they generally are low in carbs for me. And 20-40 min before high carb depending on preparation time

  7. Ok ok thanks hope to see good result with this :-)

  8. personally I found 1cap per 20g carbs for me works well. Usually waiting close to 45mins for the meal too for all the extracts to set in.

    Less bloating too which Is why I use drol over any other Partitioners/Mimickers. Very good product...

    I wish I didnt wait so long to try it...would have helped out my endurance training so much more
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

  9. As far as blood sugar control. 1 cap good for 100-160 g carbohydrate.


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