Epi spray!!!

  1. Epi spray!!!

    Patrick Arnold has released a epi spray just thought people might want to know!

  2. Just got my bottle today hopefully the enhanced absorption will shine through, completely different smell from ur spray.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dcoen21 View Post
    Just got my bottle today hopefully the enhanced absorption will shine through, completely different smell from ur spray.
    Can you post weekly updates?

  4. any links to product?

  5. subbed

  6. Subbed.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JAS51 View Post
    Can you post weekly updates?
    Yes I will update as much as I can!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by cbr1000rr View Post
    any links to product?

  9. I just finished my first bottle. I'm mid-40s, eating keto, mostly aerobic exercise, some lifting.
    Here are my impressions:...

    1. I had a MASSIVE increase in appetite. Usually I am eating 2 - 3K Cal/day depending on exercise. On Epi, I often consume an extra 0.5 - 1 K Cal/d. It's unbelievable how hungry I am. No gain in weight. I do seem "warmer".
    2. My aerobic exercise seemed to get WORSE. I know this is weird, but I seemed to gas out 2/3s of the way thru a standard 1 hour routine.
    3. Even with no change in exercise, I wake up sore / pumped. It's strange, but, based on soreness (etc) I definitely feel more like I'm lifting weights than doing 10Ks on a SkiErg...

    1. STAIN STAIN STAIN. As Patrick points out in his blog, this stuff oxidizes orange. So, in a shower, it stains rust colored. It's a total mess. I won't be re-ordering unless he changes the formula. I'd rather swallow pills than spend time with bleach and a toothbrush cleaning grout!!!
    2. COX-1 Inhibitor. While researching Epi, I read that it's a COX-1 inhibitor. On my weak stomach, I did notice some pain. I gave up caffeine and all is good now.
    3. Expensive.
    4. Customer Service. I asked PN customer service about the staining and the chances of getting a cream, but they never responded. If I drop a couple hundred bucks in your store, I'd like a response to an honest question!!!

    CONCLUSION - It's not snake oil. There's a real effect that I'd love to keep playing with. I could see really being able to lose weight if I can hold my standard calorie level (note, I've already lost 50 lbs on keto over the last 2 years). And I "feel" stronger / "sore-er" -- there could be real strenght effects, too. But the staining is a deal breaker. No go.

  10. I have the Olympus brand pump Epi. It does stain a little bit but it washes right off instantaneously so I'm assuming they're using different carriers

    I love Epi in pill form or topical as the pumps are amazing even when you're not working out


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