Whats up E-pharm,

After my last couple weeks of strength training, Im looking to begin a recomp as summer creeps upon us, sometime in mid-may.
Sitting at roughly 10% bodyfat so I don't have much to lose but do wanna sharpen/tighten up for summer.
Right now my plan is to run and log
testforce 2
Pump Spray combined with Ursolic
Maybe some low dosage DHEA for both neuro and possibly recovery benefits

Price is of concern as I am literally about to graduate from 7 yrs of schooling and try to stay under a certain budget. Hence why I plan on running pump spray and taking the oral ursolic to increase overall dosage of ursolic acid (PA has mentioned increasing dosage will increase benefits).

Do you have any recommendations to this stack?

Age: 26

5'11 182 10% bf