COP - Water Retention ?

  1. COP - Water Retention ?

    Will COP cause water retention? I'm working on making weight for a competition coming up and started taking COP about five days ago.

  2. Re: COP - Water Retention ?

    Ask in the Patrick Arnold section of supplements. He needs questions over there

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  3. Thats a good question, i dunno Featured Author

  4. If COP does increase ATP production, more ATP requires more water as a buffer for the krebs cycle so logically it would conclude that more water would be retained. It shouldn't dishearten you from using it.
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  5. cool guys thanks for the info. I definitely haven't noticed any bloating or anything that would indicate excessive water retention but leading up to the competition every a bit of weight will count. I have to say my aerobic capacity has been off the chart. I have been able to push harder during HIIT and I have been recovering quicker than ever. I am in the best shape of life and my diet is super clean right now but I feel like the EC is assisting in this. Thanks again for info guys.



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