7-spray and WADA

  1. 7-spray and WADA

    It has recently come to our attention that 7-keto DHEA has been added to the WADA prohibited list for 2012, so athletes tested under WADA restrictions should be aware that this product could cause a positive result in a doping test.

    Wada Prohibited List 2012

  2. interesting.

    so, about the dosing. is there a legit rec dosing to get x amount of milligrams onto the skin?

    I pretty much get my entire upperbody (chest,abs,neck,arms) as well as testicles covered in about 10-13 sprays, as well as do this without using my palms, (except for the nutz).

    I dont apply any to my legs, but have.

    my upper body is shaved, and i always apply post shower and use full sprays.

    I think i remember pa saying it doesn't matter, just cover the entire body, however many sprays it takes to do that is user dependant.

  3. 7.2 grams total active ingredients per bottle, 30mg per cc, 240ml total volume. Each spray is 1/7 of cc approximately. 8 cc’s would be a typical amount you put on (we tend to suggest 40 - 50 sprays per application). It has no specific serving size - experimentation is welcome as these are "prototype" products. The bottle generally lasts 25-30 days depending on how liberal you are with your spraying.

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