TESTFORCE 2- Longest time it took to kick in?

  1. TESTFORCE 2- Longest time it took to kick in?

    Hey gents
    Of those who have tried and used TF2 whats the longest that it took for it to start working before users felt anything,
    1week 2 weeks, longer anyone?

    Am currently loading on my 9th day and dont feel a thing, disheartened and diaaspointed thus far as its my first try with any DAA product and choose tesforce 1st as it seemed like the better option

    anyone used plain sodium daa and felt it and used tf2 but NOT felt that

    Thanks for decent contributions

  2. I have ran it twice and just got a good libido boost from it. However, this is what I wanted from it during PCT.

    That is about it. If your test levels are high, you're not going to get much out of it. DAA works best during PCT in my opinion.

  3. For me with the loading phase I took about 4-5 days max to get HUGE libido boost !

  4. Day 10 of loading not a thing, unsure wether to carry on and get a 2nd tub after 13days
    or change to a diff daa such as SNS, or if TF2 doesnt work does that mean no daa will work?
    is it possible i am a non responder or could it still just be to soon?

    Thanks men

  5. DAA is DAA. What are you expecting from it?

  6. You might be a nonresponder. I use two scoops in the morning and one in the evening and consistently (this is my fourth tub in the 6 months or so) notice a libido increase, a few pimples on the chest, neck, or face, and a stronger desire to train. I probably also get a performance increase. Something has caused me to gain a few pounds in the last month but I also am on month 4 of the Age Force HGH Powerpatches and Testo100 patches. By mirror, I estimate the pounds are LBM and I seem to have lost some fat as most apparent by the evident veins in my arms.

  7. expecting to feel and notice effects of increased t levels ob as its a t booster, but nothing.

    i dont know wether to perservere with tf2 for another tub (after the 13days) with the hope it hasnt kicked in yet (10days so far)

    Or try a different type - the sns daa or the TCF1 daa (both sodium daa not chelated) and see and hope one of those works and i feel something along the lines of raised T


  8. try rubbing your nipples
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Arnold View Post
    try rubbing your nipples
    wise words as always

  10. Quote Originally Posted by miniarnold

    wise words as always
    Start wasting your money. He doesn't care.

  11. [QUOTE="Mission1"]

    Stop wasting your money. He doesn't care......,

  12. Try raising the dosage. By the way how is Ursbolic working for you?. I thought I read that you were taking that also.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Try raising the dosage. By the way how is Ursbolic working for you?. I thought I read that you were taking that also.

    pmed you my good man


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