11- and 7- spray question

  1. 11- and 7- spray question

    I read a study where 7-oxo- dhea decreases test and free test. Would either 11 or 7 spray also decrease test/free test?

    If it does would something like a DAA product be enough for a pct.


  2. First, let me address the paper you found. I personally found 2 with the purported decrease in testosterone due to 7-oxo dhea supplementation. The following figures are from those papers:



    Taken in conjuction, these papers seem to imply that there is a slight decrease in test levels in the first 5 days or so. However, the second figure shows test levels consistently rising towards baseline after the initial drop. Unfortunately they ceased supplementation at day 9, when test levels were pretty much back to baseline. Why they continued to test blood levels up to 100 days after supplementation is beyond me... I don't see how it has any relevance to the short term effects of 7-oxo dhea supplementation, which was the purpose of the entire paper.

    So, will there be any decrease in test/free test using either 7 or 11-spray? I think 11-spray has a greater chance to decrease both due to the fact that it is androgenic. However, as has been stated before, 'shutdown' from 11-spray is most likely very minimal if at all and DAA should be sufficient for post cycle.

    I would not worry at all about 7-spray affecting your test levels. As shown above, there may be an insignificant decrease immediately after beginning use, but it would most likely return to baseline within a few days. 7-spray does not need any PCT... in fact, we frequently suggest using the 11-spray solo followed by a 7-spray/TestForce2 (DAA) combo.

    Hope that helps


  3. Its odd how it drops then raises to baseline and then on Day23 seems to be its lowest point again.

    Good to know only DAA is needed


  4. I'm not sure if it means anything at all, but you can also see that estradiol drastically decreased, androstenedione rose, cortisol dropped, luteinizing hormone rose, FSH rose...

    I would say an insignificant drop in testosterone numbers is just fine considering the movement of the numbers above. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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